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About iQera:- Let’s The Leaning Continue

Who We Are

Unveiling the iQera Difference in Academic Excellence

IQera (IQ era) is focused on developing lessons that will help students learn concepts while preparing for examinations.

Our lessons scaffold the topics and also include ‘Formative’ and ‘Summative’ assessments. These lessons lead to ‘Mastery’ in all topics.

We have gathered brilliant minds who have an exceptional command of the subjects as Instructional Designers (IDs). They work with the Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the UK who have been teaching A-Level students. Together they create these lessons to guarantee students’ success. 

What We Do

Revolutionizing Learning: Our Dynamic Approach to Academic Success

We are currently working on A-Level courses starting with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. In the second stage, we will include other major subjects such as Biology and Economics, etc. We are also developing FA and FSc subject lessons and will offer them in August 2021.

Our lessons are 30 minutes long and include 15 minutes of interactive instructions. Science has proven that this is the ideal time to capture student’s attention. The remaining 15 minutes are spent assessing the students to evaluate if they have learned the concepts or not. If a student is struggling, differentiated instructions are imparted. Students are continually instructed until they achieve mastery of the topic. Our lessons are monitored in real-time by a teacher using our software (Patent Pending).

Dr. Naim Syed

Dr. Naim Syed

President iQEra, Delegate and Speaker,

Dr. Syed received a B.E. in Civil Engineering, an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, and his Doctorate from Northeastern University in 2009. He has 20 years of experience working in pedagogy and its delivery using various mediums. He has been teaching graduate courses at Southern New Hampshire University since 2003. He is currently working as Assistant Vice President of the Teaching and Learning department at University of Connecticut a number 19 ranked university in the US.

In his current role he serves and provide strategic, administrative, and academic leadership for the development of curriculum and its delivery mechanism. He works collaboratively with other departments of the university, fellow Senior Associate Deans, academic departments, faculty, and university leadership to create the structures, systems, and environment for teaching and learning to flourish. He creates policies, practices, procedures, and resources to ensure the quality of course delivery of technology-mediated instructions, oversee projects; and implement student and faculty services to support instructions.

Based on his research and findings in delivering pedagogy, Dr. Syed started OLK12 an international educational enterprise that is serving many schools and universities in the US and across the globe. Organization helps develop ‘Outcome Based Courses and provide assessment and competencies measuring software. OLK12 helps and train teacher to follow ‘Differentiated Instructions’ for their classroom instructions so that their students can understand the concepts of their curriculum. OLK12 has distinction of working with National Institute of Health (NIH) in building their courses for various professional development training.

Dr. Syed determines goals and objectives of learning in curriculum and the course delivery systems’ efficiency. He directs development and implementation of course related activities including online testing and evaluations, working closely with faculty, students, clinicians, researchers, and administrators; ensures objectives are met. He is also responsible for the strategic planning and design of University of Connecticut’s classrooms and auditoriums, multimedia production, web-streaming and videoconferencing systems. He oversees the development and annual update of educational technology strategies.

 Janet Syed

Janet Syed

Director at iQera


Janet is a devoted educator with a passion for engaging students in both the traditional and online classroom models. With over ten years teaching in the public sector to elementary/middle school students and over 5 years of designing interactive online pedagogy for both high school and higher education levels, she brings her best practice approaches to support teachers in their quest to create and teach engaging curriculum to their own students. She is an innovative industry leader within the teaching and learning space. Her work with faculty includes; authentic assessments, pedagogical applications, differentiating instruction, and backward design model.
As Director of prestigious Merrimac College, Janet has lead faculty on how to teach using new tools of technology, working with teams of Instructional Designers to develop courses for both online and face to face classrooms. Her overarching goal is to maximize the range and pedagogical effectiveness through mindful renditions of artifact grounded in applied learning and design theories. Her designs are grounded in adult learning theory and science, incorporate intentional innovation, and often contain adaptive frameworks. Her work always includes an element of self- reflection and an iterative process for quality assurance.
As a participant in the Education Project in Bahrain, she promoted a unique concept of an Open Source initiative to promote global education through a case study of international school participants. Henceforth, OLK12 found its place amongst classrooms throughout the world. Mrs. Syed also is an active participant of promoting those leadership values in education and training at both local and distance levels around the America’s. Based in the Granite State of New England, she is an avid Professional Development Educator to both administrators and teachers.
Highlights Include:

• Presenter: Online Learning Consortium: “Scenario Based Learning”, October, 2015
• Presenter: DevLearn Conference: “Implementing Online Book Clubs and Debates for Engagement and Learning”, October, 2014
• Presenter: Blackboard On Tour, “Enhancing Student Engagement through Social Media, i-Media, and Books clubs”, November 2013
• Presenter: Sloan C International Conference: “Engaging Students through Online Book Clubs, November 2013
• Delegate/Speaker: Education Project, Bahrain, December 2009 and December 2010: “Course and Learning Management Systems for Global Education”
• Professional Development: Trainer and provider of Course & Learning Management system including Assessment ePortfolio Solutions.
• Consulting for Professional Development Portfolios
• Over ten years’ experience in public education
• Adjunct Faculty Member, Southern New Hampshire University, Education Department
• Software: Adobe Connect, Adobe Captivate, Camtasia, Articulate Storyline, Raptivity, SnagIt, Jing
• CLMS: Sakai, Moodle, Blackboard

Course Offerings

With AICE, there are 55 subjects to choose from across four different groups:

    Group 1: Mathematics and Sciences
    • Examples: Biology, Marine Science, and Further Mathematics
      Group 2: Languages
      • Examples: Afrikaans, Spanish, French
        Group 3: Arts and Humanities
        • Examples: Literature, Media Studies, Economic
          Group 4: Interdisciplinary and Skills-Based Subjects
          • Examples: Thinking Skills, General English Paper

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